1-2-3 Play to Grow


1-2-3 Play to grow: games for motor skills development

Hide-and-seek, hopscotch, hand tennis, Red Rover and tag – can you remember how much fun you had as a kid?

Today’s children no longer know how to play and as a result the development of their fine and gross motor skills is not up to standard. They often struggle with activities such as colouring, cutting, catching a ball and jumping on one leg. As a result of their poor muscle development, they also struggle with concentration. Various factors negatively influence the development of motor skills. The worst culprit is probably the fact that modern entertainment (such as cell phones, television and electronic games) is passive and lacks creativity.

This book comprises 123 games that can aid your child’s comprehension as well as helping to develop reasoning and numerical skills. It also offers an opportunity to interact with your child and enhance his emotional development. And best of all, these games are great fun for parties, icebreakers or just playing.

Also available in afrikaans as 1-2-3 Groei met spel

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