Stout Hasie/Naughty Rabbit


Wat gebeur wanneer hasies nie hulle tande wil borsel nie, of nie hulle kos wil eet nie, of wanneer hasies ander hasies afknou…

This CD tells children about what happens when little rabbits don’t brush their teeth, or eat their food or hurt their friends…


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Stories op die CD:
1. Wanneer hasies nie wil tande borsel nie
2. Wanneer hasies jokstories vertel
3. Wanneer hasies nie hulle kos eet nie
4. Wanneer hasies speelgoed breek
5. Wanneer hasies nie wil deel nie
6. Wanneer hasies nie wil bad nie
7. Wanneer hasies ander hasies afknou

Stories on the CD:
1. When little rabbits don’t brush their teeth
2. When little rabbits tell tall tales
3. When little rabbits don’t eat their food
4. When little rabbits break their toys
5. When little rabbits don’t want to share
6. When little rabbits don’t take a bath
7. When little rabbits hurt their friends

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